Friday, January 20, 2017

Winter? Really?

What an odd winter it's been around here ... nice in many ways - fairly mild - no deep snow to fight but it keeps feeling like spring then disappointing me ... ha!

We have 12 large bales left after putting 3 out today ... let's hope it lasts until we have grass

1 goes out to the core of Team Valiant (that is Aldwyn, Valiant and Em Cee) in the pond field. When horses are in they eat small bales in hay nets ... and cubes - lots of cubes!

2 went into the barn yard today - often one goes in the barn yard and one in the strip field - but it's so mild today and projected to stay that way I am trying to preserve the grass in the strip field by locking everybody down in the barn yard for a bit but there you have reality of this winter in Prince Edward County .

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