Saturday, April 10, 2010

a lovely lovely day ...

up early, off to check out a garage sale

into town - library, drug store, grocery store, county store, canadian tire ...

back - into the garden: the garlic looks FABULOUS already; tidied up some old growth and started thinking about what would go where- found some wild strawberries in one bed - going to take that as a major hint and plant some strawberries right there ;)

put together mantis tiller (christmas gift from dad and jean- thanks pops!)
Big T took the atv to get gas for the tiller and I went to meet him so we could walk the gang at the farm

Sampson is discovering his inner water dog - even if it means wallowing in muck!

lovely lovely walk - past pond, through woods, up and around - just beautiful out - the wind is cool but the sun is glorious!!

we went way deep into our woods and found TONS of wood waiting to be cut - it's beautiful hardwood, fallen so it's up off the ground and drying while it waits for us to cut it ...

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