Saturday, September 21, 2013

and then there were three

Massacre in the hen houses two nights ago.
It happens to other people but we have never experienced it before and it's awful.

Three survivors - one silkie hen and the 2 barred rocks.

5 Silkie babies and 3 silkie hens vanished  with just the odd puff of feathers.

the 2 Ameracunas and Silkie rooster bodies were left - 1 in each coop and one behind a coop - the heaviest birds

Vasco, Marco, Roo, Rav, Veronica and Momma and babies- you will be deeply, sorely missed.

I feel like I failed them in some way but I have no idea what we could have done differently. 4 years of chicken keeping and I spent most of the first two years worrying about this. Then I relaxed.

Hope whatever it was (most likely suspect is a fisher) doesn't come back ever let alone any time soon

Sunday, September 8, 2013

DeVareHarri Truck has no hair in it at all

Blue, gorgeous, exciting the farm truck is also spotless, unscratched and AWESOME!

It drives like a car - way too easy to speed in and has a huge gas tank (over 100 liters) the only two tiny issues with it. 

It is so like the Ranger and so opposite too - it has bells and whistles I've never even imagined (pedals move towards your feet if you want, remote car start (yah I've dreamed of that actually), adjustable mirrors on both sides from drivers side, electric brake, tow package, and a system that lets the car sync to my phone. 

Yet again, full of gratitude and love.