Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some of Our Favourite Places to Shop ...

Lee Valley Tools
This handy little go to store is Canadian and while there is a retail location on my way to work they are also apparently very shipping friendly too! Christmas shopping is a pleasure; people send me lists of what they want from Lee Valley. I walk in with  a list and a clerk organizes my shopping, bing, bang, boom! For gardeners and woodworkers there are all kinds of treasures to find. Service is terrific and the staff know their products.

Richters Herbs every winter we trek up to Uxbridge and wander the greenhouse. I buy some seeds and we are inspired. They have a terrific selection of books about herbs and all kinds of neat seeds to try. The website has a great question and answer section (under growzone).They have an excellent reputation for their mail order business as well. We've found their seeds germinate above expected rates and love the variety of things we can get.

Veseys   the first place I ordered from back in the winter of 2007 getting seeds for our garden. All the way out on PEI I have never had any problems with them. I wouldn't order potatoes from them again (heavy to ship) but Dad and Jean order my fall birthday bulbs from them every year, our mantis tiller came from there  and I suspect this year's blueberries will come from there too! Their greenhouse looks pretty tempting as well!

The County Store a local business in Picton we find ourselves getting all kinds of things here. Jeans, gloves, seed potatoes, seeds, our gate, our weather vane, local food, our chicks, tools, you name it - odds are good you can get it here.

TSC  really if we had gotten nothing but the mower here it would make the list! Having a way to mow trails with the ATV is just amazing. We spent years driving by a TSC on the highway and I thought it was an outlet for The Shopping Channel. Then one day we went in the one in Belleville.  The hook was instant. Cool buckets, feed, tools, and more -  it's the kind of place you learn from as you wander the aisles listening to people.

Canadian Tire  Our fail safe store since we started camping way back before we'd even noticed the school house. It's the one flyer we both check every week. We've bought cutlery, kitchen stuff, sports stuff, plants, pet stuff (Kizmet's heated bed!), paint, tools, car stuff, solar chargers, solar lights, and more.

Neither Big T nor I are big shoppers but these are some of our favourite spots to spend our hard earned money!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toronto council

rejected a motion to get a staff report studying the feasibility of back yard hens. 

From an animal control perspective I'm not sure it is a great thing to have hens (facilities/enforcement) but I'm not sure that the jerks don't have them (or rabbits or doves or whatever) anyhow

the folks that are waiting for it to be legal would probably have hens or the same reasons we do 

and the more people eating humane happy eggs the better - at least to my view!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

knitting and chicks ...

Getting ready to order chicks
Silkies most likely the hope that the girls come back to us for normal sized eggs ...

I'd love Ameraucanas, Runner ducks, Sebastopol geese and more too!
Nearly finished my fourth knitting project
first was a big work scarf for Big T
then two chunky wool scarves for the cousins Maddy and Jackie
finally a lovely tweed purple scarf for Mum

then one more city scarf for Big T and I'll be on to something else ... not sure what to knit next tho!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Today is the day ...

the added acres close...

256 acres of fun in Prince Edward County ....

Lucky lucky us

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Missing Summer ...

It's a planning, reflecting, dreaming time
I miss the walking and doing ....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

catching up with a dear friend...

and walking at the farm

and talking

and walking

and checking out future trails

lovely lovely way to end a lovely lovely Christmas break