Saturday, September 25, 2010

breezy blowy transition to fall

What a weather year! Wet spring, perfect July, dry August (all three seasons with bouts of HEAT waves) and a September that just can't make up her mind. Hot, cold, sunny cloudy, humid, dry - we are getting it all.

We keep puttering away at weeding, wooding and getting things ship shape.
Will plant garlic in 2 weeks. Only one bed of potatoes left to dig up. Hopefully a few carrots too but they are TRULY tiny this year. Some herbs to dry for the bunnies - and hopefully a little more hay to make for them too. But there is a real sense of things winding down, down, down. Picked our last pumpkin on the vine last night.

Cleaned out the cars, scrubbed the bathroom. Big T made bread. It really must be fall.

Wanted to do a last trim of the grass but our new to us borrowed to perhaps purchase mower won't start. Not a good sign but I have never been able to start it so I had concerns about buying it anyhow.

Open Farms was last weekend - really interesting and informative. We went to a honey place (they might put a hive on the farm next year- cross your fingers for us), a huge organic veggie farm (more money than sense but BEAUTIFUL), and a local meat and maple syrup producer - all were helpful and genuinely pleased to answer questions. What a great idea.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

fair day ...

Our local town has it's fall fair this weekend ... hoping it's fun but not too crowded as I seem to have picked up a back to school cold this week - just stuffed up and itchy throat but still fighting through reams of people sounds like NO fun to me today :)

Picked a nice bunch of tomatoes last night but one of the dogs ~cough~ sampson ~cough~ who shall remain nameless jumped UP on the kitchen island and ate them all ...

Saves me from some processing I guess - but what a BRAT!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

camping at the farm ...

Sally quite enjoyed the tent trailer luxury - a bed with a direct view of the field and a nice breeze too!

it was windy

it was rainy (for the first time in five weeks! so there were no complaints)

the coyotes sang for us most of the night

the stars were AMAZING

it was LOVELY

we are so very lucky ...