Sunday, October 25, 2009

well the garlic's not planted

but we went for a long walk on a new beach with the puppy and Sally ... did you even know we have a puppy? We do - Sampson is ours now - pretty offically .. he seems to be fitting in pretty well although he is an assertive boy ...

and I loved on animals all weekend - and rested - good heavens I was TIRED this week ... emotional stress does that I guess.
we have had foster animals come in and find homes too (YAY) and have a couple more coming this week - 2 unrelated kittens who need crate rest ... maybe one will be a forever friend for little Rumour (who isn't so little anymore - she's being spayed tomorrow). That's Delilah the Siamese gracing the start of the blog - she's gotten a bite bad enough to break a hind leg. She'll require ortho surgery and a long rest to get back on four paws . She's gonna be one expensive kitty!

maybe the garlic will get planted next weekend ...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sad sad daze

been an awful run of loss lately

Sammie - a little foster cat; Hank- Tom's heart - the best farm dog EVER ; Flopsy Mo- born in our house 14 years ago: Lukie-- the baby fibre bunny who stole my heart on first look .... Coco - the lovely himi lady: Sophie the grey bunny companion for Bebe...

none of the deaths expected or sensible - or related to the others - a hard time for us - we are shell shocked honestly

brought home this though on Friday night - 5.5 months old .. a total love bug - full of character ... we'll see how he fits in

our first dog was a golden named Rufus - he was a ding a ling but a wonderful dog - Sampson will have very big paws to fill between all of our great large dogs - Rufus, Laurice and Hank .. we have had alarge dog in the house for the past 19 years .. and Sally while fabulous in her own right is not a large dog!