Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's a COLD Wonderful Day

Sally is enjoying the puppy very much.

Big T was my hero today! First he did a fabulous job on his pancake breakfast. He shovelled and shovelled and then shovelled some more. I stayed in and puttered around the house and worked on catching up on my blog reading. After doing town, and soup for lunch, we headed out on a winter walk. Down past the pond and around what I think of as the short loop. Someone had zipped a snowmobile along part of our path - which made walking and running (the dogs not us) much easier ... the last half I was breaking trail with Big T, Brody and a foster puppy in behind me. It was hard work and I was glad to connect back to the snowmobile trail. We actually had to carry the puppy and Brody part of the way - they just got too cold and tired with the plunging up and down they had to do. Sally and Sampson loved it. They coursed and leaped through the snow like there was nothing more fun in the world.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

planning time of year ...

Not much happening ... working too hard at the day jobs ... getting frustrated trying to place a perfect puppy ~ perfect homes just aren't popping up for her.

What else to do but plan? I'm going to expand the herb beds quite seriously this summer. Foolish not to with a master gardener and a master herbalist around to back up and support this project. If I can get some herbs to the Milford Market I'll be very happy - if not the rabbits will appreciate the haul .. as will the human family. I want to go with wheel shaped beds in a fairly traditional lay out I think at this point, though square foot raised beds would be a possibility worth considering.

I want to do some serious onions, potatoes and tomatoes this year. (Garlic is already in, in a serious way). We'll do the normal of course - peas, beans etc. I'd liek to do a better job on vine plants - like pumpkins. We cleared a place to get the raspberry canes to flourish so will give that patch some attention.

We are going to clear the weed compost away to give the chickens more room.

6 months and we'll be neck deep in implenting these plans ~ for now it's a winter wonderland!