Tuesday, December 31, 2013

These things we wish for you ...

2013 has likely been a life changing year around here. Most years are when you think about it I suppose but this year has opened unexpected doors and may lead us unknown places. On New Year's Eve it seems only fitting to toast you -and hope your journey's are as rich and full as ours!

May you find patience to appreciate what frustrates you and  peace with the things in life that aren't perfect. Think of people with love and understand it really isn't personal. Be open to change, no matter what else we have we will always have change, moving with it is much easier than resisting. 

Be well, be safe, have fun! Go explore that path!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

a little hint of house ....

on the way up the very long driveway
where is the house?

oh there it is!

First full view

The new floor is down - above is the guest room/library

the view from the kitchen into the living room

Big T thinking about what his loft will look like

looking from the loft down (and yes - there will be a rail)

the upstairs bathroom

Master bedroom from the sitting area looking up to where the bed will be

looking up the stairs

pretty furnace

looks so boring but so exciting - our hot water on demand system

our front yard

east yard
 front/west yard


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Man it's ICE OUT

no typo ...

we spent 50 hours without power this week thanks to a beautifully treacherous ice storm.

Luckily the wood stove did a great job keeping the core of the schoolhouse at 60 or above. She also gave us a way to heat water - and on our final no power morning Big T scrambled eggs with her help.

We did well. We hunkered down and concentrated on survival.  

The animals all did fine too. (Phew!)

the ice is stunning, terrifying, impressive, humbling

quite incredible