Sunday, August 30, 2009

wooding, weeding, and force feeding ...

Wooding, weeding and force feeding were the story of this weekend (well and yelling at dogs to GET OUT of the tomatoes)

Big T felled a BIG tree we can work on over the next couple of weekends. He also split a bunch of the pine from dad's place.

I've pulled up a ZILLION BIG UGLY weeds from the garden - but a trazillion more wait for my hearty yanks...

Bunny No Go is still not great - still paralysed and not really doing his thing ... worried that he may not be emptying his bladder entirely - I hate expressing bladders - always worry I'll rupture them but glad I thought of it - yup I'm now expressing his bladder

Trying to decide if an x-ray will be useful or if wait and see might get results still - thinking it's x-ray time though :(

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a few more funny bunnies :)

the very adorable Lukie - aka Luke Shywalker ! He's just a baby - 3 months old or so .. and so BIG EYED and curious about everything

Kaede - a dear soul who is sadly Bunny No Go - hurt, probably in transport, I'm hoping he makes a full and speedy recovery - he isn't moving very well at all right now though - so I'm on heavy nursing duty right now - immobilizing and force feeding a very sweet gentleman (who pretty much shares my birthdate - if not year!)

Ella Bella - a sweet and giant beauty - isn't she LOVELY? She's called a broken tort for those who might want to know ;) Lukie is a lilac - or as one of my friends said - the colour of clouds just before the sun breaks through. Bunny No Go is a lynx - and very handsome.

I am amazed I'm excited about more rabbits :) but there you go I am .. hopping for joy even ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

suddenly time is flying

there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day

I don't have enough hay put up for the bunnies, the tomatoes aren't ripe enough to turn into sauces yet, the garlic is too wet to pull, Arley still isn't home, Sally's allergies are doing their fall flare up a little early, Nando's galloping heart seems to be slowing .. - the list goes on and on ...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rabbits everywhere ...

Fifi - scared to death but trying to look endearing. She's going to be ok - she just has to believe it.
Dear darling tiny Saffron. One of the nicest bunnies I've ever met.

Alice and little Wheekers - looking adorable.

Niobe surveys his domain. Black is a hard colour to photogragh well.

The love bunnies chowing down on fresh - Sophia and Bebe haven't had one squabble yet!

hot hazy weekend

little Sally discovers the joy of LAKES
on the drive to the Lake House
Big T loves to climb

Mum finds the view distracting

oh it's a rough life ..watching each other work (notice Brody stole the chair?)

Mum's dog Wilkie worked hard trying to will a chipmunk down from tree

and supervising Big T when he had to fix the lawn tractor

the view from where we rested one way

Mum testing out her new tractor (she says liked the old 8N of my youth better!)

was hard to work but work we did - rough setting too eh?

Friday, August 14, 2009

it is GONNA be HOT today

so a nice cool picture of Big T and the dogs playing at the pond seems fitting doesn't it?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arley cat is missing

and it is a huge worry.

He's a simple loving dude who doesn't have much common sense.

He spends a lot of life plotting great escapes but somehow I suspect he's regreting this one.

The people of Prince Edward County are amazing though - I called one vet to report him lost - the receptionist gave me two other numbers; each person I called kept trying to think of who else could help. So I've called all the vets in the area, the radio station, the newspaper, the humane society, the dog catcher and am feeling pretty good about humans right now. Everybody was so sympathetic and non judgemental (I guess I'm beating myself up enough). I'm not feeling quite so positive about predators like coyotes right now though.

We are all missing him - dogs, humans and the other cats, like old Nando in the picture with him. Of course I think the kitten Rumour misses him most.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who sez life in da country is boring?

Not me - ever - and certainly not me last night!
We were up a little later than usual and therefore let the dogs out a little later than usual. Sally took off like a rocket for the chicken part of the yard with Hank and Brody HOT on her heels (the boys were barking and growling like mad).
Big T raced out to see what was happening while I grabbed flashlights. Hank was in the chicken run growling and snapping at something in the pen. The ramp (which is also the night lock) had been knocked aside and there are scratches on the wall of the coop.
The girls were fine but I think it was a pretty close call. Dogs didn't have a scratch on them and settled fairly quickly so whatever it was obviously booted for the hills fast. I suspect a coyote as any racoon I've ever seen cornered fights pretty hard and very loudly and can't get away too fast. Also we hear coyotes every night and have never seen a coon here (not even as road kill).
Sure got our hearts pumping fast ..
We ended up staying up even later and watched the last episode of Entourage for Season 4. Big T will have to get season 5 when he's at work this week!

Friday, August 7, 2009

gardening and wooding on the same day

and I ache :)
a healthy ache but a full day of weeding, and wooding after a night of little sleep camping out under the full moon and it serves me right

the wood was junk - pine and ceder but it had fallen onto Dad's neighbours yard so it needed to be cleared - might as well cut it up for the woodstove - dragging it out of the grape vines was back breaking work - the vines were as thick as my arm

the tomatoes may never ripen if we don't get some heat - we have lovely GREEN tomatoes hanging but thats it

peas were ok - lettuce is still chugging along
I must start pulling onions and drying them
carrots are tiny (MUST thin better next time) but tasty
a few ground cherries look like they'll make it - I can't wait

still getting the blackberries though less and less

garlic is truly impressive (and weedy - I've been ignoring that bed lately)
it really does feel like summer is winding down but we are only one week into August!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new to me computer

means access to some as yet unposted pictures

here is my favourite picture of a typical sunset .. taken from right behind the schoolhouse

my favourite local beach walk - often this quiet at any time and maybe 10 minutes away if I putter along the road

and finally the schoolhouse itself .. the scene of much learning, loving and laughing

more pictures over the next few days ...