Love the One You Are (With)

Love The One You Are (With)

  just to make it easy for you - here's a link LINK to paypal to buy the book ($10) to buy the book!

I wrote a book! Well, we wrote a book but it's pretty exciting don't you think? My co author 
Sheila  is  and academic and wouldn't let me be my brief and ridiculously pointed self.  
Without her this would never have come to being!  You really want to spend the $10 Can on 
this gorgeous thought provoking self.  Great for dog and horse people it explores your 
partnership and finding gratitude in life ... nearly 200 pages the last time I looked it's thought 
provoking and inspiring! 

She asked me great questions and edited and added and pushed this book  forward. 
It's called Love The One You Are (With) and it explores and explains the concept of 
gratitude. It's also a journal - full of prompts and ideas to get you reflecting deeply about 
where you can find and appreciate joy and your life.  There is science stuff, and touchy 
feely stuff and everything in between.  Your thinking will evolve as you work through the 
book. Writing it helped our thinking develop!

Learning to love the one you are and the animal companions and partners that are part of
your journey is a huge part of becoming successful - and feeling worthwhile. Horses can
be challenging and leave us wondering all kinds of things about our role in the team and
what exactly we should be grateful for .... this journal is designed to help you work through
the joys and challenges of your equine partners - and your relationship with them.

Finding the joy in things when days are dark and difficult is not always easy. Appreciating
the horse who decides to find monsters in the arena or the dog who is too reactive to have
off leash around people or dogs is challenging, at times it seems impossible.

We so very much hope you enjoy the book, are inspired by it and leave it feeling good about
yourself, today and the future. I hope many readers share their favourite pages and prompts
completed with us.

We wanted to keep it accessible and easy so decided to go with online publishing ... it's a
PDF and buying a copy gives you the right to download it for your use and print one copy
- if you love it and you want to share it with a friend please buy another copy so we can keep
doing projects like this.

As a special bonus we have a closed  Facebook community group that purchasers of the book
can join to share their journey - get inspiration, discuss challenging questions, reflect on your
thinking - whatever the book inspires!

here's the button again just to make you getting your hands on the $10 CAN book Love The One
You Are (With) as easy as possible for you!


the amazing Julie Symons had this to say about the book
"They had me at “hello”. As evident by their bios and acknowledgements, the authors truly
love their animals. Anyone reading this is also here because they also love their animals
and desire to learn more about what makes our bond with animals so special. The words
so perfectly jump out … Inspiration, Connection, Joy, Gratitude, Well-being, Appreciation,
Partner and Positive everything! This workbook opens up so many new ideas to identify and
resurface the joy we experience in our animal relationships, while learning quite a bit about
ourselves along the way! I came away not only feeling more grateful but also seeing the
gratitude in the eyes of my canine partners!" sweet eh? also true - so buy yours NOW!

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