Friday, February 15, 2013

Reflections from a snow bank ...

Today was one of those days where I was buffeted and bruised.

A horse stood on me. Ouch.

I got knocked over. OUCH.

A horse got loose on me. DOH.

I also got to meet my newest, very pretty, project (see top horse) and had a great ride on Nelly.

I suspect I may be pretty bruised tomorrow!

And so farm life goes!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

sick of winter

one day 

 one  view

2 hours later

and then we had another storm!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some times its the little things

sometimes it's the big things ...

It's nearly time to get going on building and the decisions we will be making are so huge they are a little paralyzing to be quite honest. Where is the house going to stand? Who is going to build it? How involved should I be in terms of doing actual work like getting permits? We have the plan we like (it's called "Limberlost") and we have decided to build where we have always wanted to most build - it's going to be more expensive but I think the proximity to the barn even if all we have there are rabbits and chickens is well worth it. And the view is sweet too. This photo shows the field the house will be in now!

Barns around here have to be 1000 feet or more away from any other residence. BAH! That means the house will be about 800 back from the road.

I presume that applies to run in sheds as well which has affected where ours might go. We are contemplating building that this summer. Which means finding a builder for that!

Of course I'm looking at barn buildings too. Got some prices on HighQual coveralls - not too bad at all and they are a nice looking building too but then heard about a few that ripped in the first 10 years- not sure if that's scare tactics or not but it is an alarming thought!

Fencing is another endless loop in my brain too. What is possible to repair? What should just be built?

and then when  all that isn't in my brain it's the little things.

What colour(s) should the horses wear? I'm liking navy on Nelly but Navy is unlikely to be a farm colour .... so should we figureout the Vareharri /Dandy colours and choose from there? Makes sense....but my brain just loops out somewhere around there.

Have been doing a bit of horse photography and loving it!