Saturday, June 26, 2010

not nearly as lovely day

but wonderful again as our first cut hay is off the fields (luckily as it's RAINING today - hard)

We had a long walk to see what was up and pretty much the same hay as last year is up ...and now we have a mower to take more off ..hopefully they can pull more off with the second cut :)

Sampson ran and ran and ran some more until I thought he might fall right over - there was cut grass and BIRDS ... including momma birds who did a great job distracting him from nests and kept him moving and moving

Sally ran and enjoyed too but not with the same obsessive air as Sammo

Thea bombed around a bit but I don't let her go too far when the grass is short - we ALWAYS have hawks around

Brody was wet so he mostly trotted along at our heels ...

but we all had fun and Franklin most appreciated the fresh collection we did for him - alfalfa, timothy, plantain, dandelion, maple, clover - what a way to a bunny's heart!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

mow wow

The newest work horse (toy?) joined our family today ...

we spent quite awhile getting it then getting it set up and hooked up to the john deere atv - and yes it was hazy, drizzly day off and on - ended up BEAUTIFUL but we had moments ;)

then off to the farm to cut the pond path and the agility field ..

it is AMAZING - did in an hour what it took us at least 3 to do last year with the lawn tractot

we ran the dogs into the ground (well actually they did that themselves)

also planted, weeded and enjoyed veggies from the garden

great day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

rotten rabbit

Franklin, the handicapped satin angora rabbit, loves getting his outside time
it is good for him mentally and he thrives on the fresh self selected food

HOWEVER ... rabbits are prone to fly strike - where flies lay eggs on the skin and the larvae hatch and burrow into the damp folds of the skin ...

so poor Franklin ended up with little larva on him, down in his "nether" region, today - GROSS

I picked them off, killed them and will be checking him with great paranoia for the rest of the summer ... I'm not sure how to balance his out time with the flies ...

the things we do sometimes ...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

wow - jungle land ...

and the garden LIKED the rain last week

Everything is looking great - beans, and all the squash type plants are up, peas have pods on the vine, peppers have little peppers on them, tomatoes look strong and healthy, scapies are starting on the garlic plants, onions are looking good. No carrots showing yet nor beets but it will come I'm sure.

We ate wild strawberries yesterday - tiny but oh SO GOOD!!

It is pouring rain with a driving wind so I hope you'll forgive me no pictures ...
yesterday was Dad's birthday so we had Dad and Jean for lunch - lovely, and we put them to work ;) (never ending weeding and inflating tire on atv)