Tuesday, November 24, 2009

bunnies, bunnies everywhere ...

well it really never ends .. a couple of weeks ago I drove to Barrie and picked up 7 rabbits .. you are right.. I don't need 7 new rabbits .. less is more in fact .. but I placed one rabbit nearly instantly - in a weird internet way someone knew I was getting a head tilt bunny, she was in Florida - she knew someone in Ontario who she thought would be an amazing home .. so Matilta (yah I crack myself up) was here for 2 days - I was pretty sure she'd be a forever bunny but she landed feet first and is already a very spoiled pet! Another dear little rabbit found a forever home .. with a good aquaintance of mine .. which is nice as little Chia is a dear ...

so that takes me down to 5 extra rabbits - one is a Polish rabbit - cute as a button - I'm hoping she can find a forever home quickly too :)
She's young and cute as can be!

the remaining 4 - Tegan is quite young - has been bred twice but never managed to raise a litter .. she is a siamese sable and quite social and interested in life.
Daisy is BEAUTIFUL, a broken something (just means white and black) and while she isn't eating as well as I'd like she is starting to think treats are neat.
Joy is scared to death - a big (well for the breed) lovely grey chinchilla coloured bunny she has obviously not been handled much.
The last bunny is a sad case - she isn't eating much and it looks like she has serious liver issues - I've heard the word palliative in conjunction with her already :(

they surely are beautiful souls though - it's a honour to have them in my crazy life ..
I think Tegan, Daisy and maybe Joy will all be good fibre girls

Fibre wise we are living with Franklin (turns out I'm right - fibre comes off a handicapped bunny too!), Puff Daddy (an english angora) and Ella as well as the ever loving Niobe ... so to add 2 or maybe 3 rabbits to the mix seems reasonable

Sunday, November 22, 2009

garlic is in ..finally

We are enjoying Sampson the golden puppy very much - he is a gentle lunk .. housetraining a puppy is a pain, and he has some seperation anxiety issues but we are working through those minor issues and just loving having a play mate for Sally who is gentle with everybody
This weird warm fall continues - went for another beach walk this morning .. and collected clover, willow and green bullrush leaves for the bunnies - it is both lovely and a little scary

I'm taking a course every other weekend and working .. and I'm getting tired .. sounds pathetic but it's true .. I do half of what most folks do and have no excuse for running out steam but I guess if I am running out of steam I need to figure out a way to recharge

Looking forward to 2 weeks off around christmas very much :)

Some more bunnies have moved in .. update to follow after puppy picture loads (the joys of dial up...)