Friday, July 30, 2010

why oh why won't you turn yellow, orange or red ....

why oh why why won't you ripen?
I have a very important guest coming this weekend.
She like tomatoes.

Bad tomatoes. BAD!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

green acres is the place to be?

farm living is the life for me?

well yes yes it is but there are days ...

and days ....

I was busy picking gross pre- maggoty things off an oak tree (as well as a couple of the larval things too) when a car slowed right down - I looked up to see why and Sally was in the road .. our dogs don't leave the property anymore - we have it pretty well fenced and well gated and even a horse walking slowly by doesn't entice them to leave so I suspected it was something "special" that had called Sally out

I was right - something had gotten hit by a car .. and was in literally pieces across the road - by the time I got to the road Sally had consumed any identifying pieces - leaving me to suspect a rabbit - as I don't see ground hogs around here much. GAG.

I had to pick up the remaining bits and fling them away into the bushes as I really don't think Sally's allergies need much raw rabbit nor do I want any of the dogs on the road.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Produce THAT

some of the onion braids drying the shed

Pulled garlic today - much earlier than usual for me but the test pull was beautiful so decided to go ahead .. glad I did. It's just lovely. And there is tons! That's a BIG picnic table it's laid out to dry on.

As usual I will put a few cloves from the biggest bulbs aside to plant in the late fall.
Didn't take pictures of the green beans or zucchinni today. They are growing well too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

and so the garden grows ..

and the chooks start laying eggs ..

and the rabbits escape and are captured

and dogs play

and weeds grow

and the summer winds on

Sunday, July 18, 2010

more from the tour

a garden tour

I don't know what this flower is called - but she sure is pretty.

bee balm - far from invasive here

a bank of black eyed susans - one of my favourites

I know you'd never think there were any flowers here from reading this blog but there are - lots of beautiful flowers that have to fend for themselves pretty much! I walked around the gaarden yesterday and snapped a photo of everything in bloom.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

500 + kms

3 chickens, 1 agility trial and it's been a long long day

Over 3 days it's probably been 800 km or so - CRAZEEEEEEEE

Friday, July 9, 2010


Hot dawgs, rabbits, cats, and people too. The only ones not hot are the parrots - but I guess this is how they'd prefer life year round.

It's hot outside - really hot - this morning actually feels a little better but it could just be that we are used to it.

We putter slowly - I collect greens for the rabbits first thing in the am, let puff daddy out then switch bunny run time through the day. Collect again around 7 0r 8 and tuck everybunny in for the night.

Franklin is free ranging on the lawn when we can watch him (heard a horror story this morning about a bear grabbing a handicapped rabbit off a lawn - in a wheelchair no less). He seems to appreciate it.

The dogs and I work agility in tiny chunks. Big T works harder than I can even bear to watch. He's sorted his wood pile, cut wood, cut grass, fixed screens and more. I'm just not that motivated.

I weed - of course! Three weeds at a time are plenty.

Our riding lawn mower has broken fatally. Our friend loaned us a lawn mower which has decided not to start. Our lawn looks like we've been away months.

It's too hot to care much.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

and so another summer starts ...

Noah's ark - aka the Ranger and Me - headed east last night loaded to the gills with dogs, cats, rabbits and parrots.

Chickens hopefully arrive next week or the week after.

It was a nice peaceful ride, both loading and unloading went smoothly. I did (OF COURSE) forget some stuff - exta litter pans, food dishes etc but nothing too major.

It's a lovely summer day - cool but not cold and nice and sunny.

It is very strange to be here on July 1 without a passle of Big T's family here ..most of them have come sometime this week to celebrate his mom's birthday for the last 3 years and his parents have joined us this week for the last 6 ...

I will probably head back to the city one night a week or so likely 57 nights here of a possible 63 or so ... YAY

weeding, walking, eating home grown veggies, reading, blogging and playing agility, beach walking - it's going to be a tough summer I can tell already ;)