Wednesday, August 31, 2011

what you do in your last week of holidays?

I headed south west this afternoon to Point Petre- aka Paradise. Makes it sound like a big expedition eh? It's 15 minutes away.

Spent close to three hours walking, talking and watching the dogs run, swim, eat disgusting things and have a blast ...

I am so very very lucky ...

I am so very sad summer is winding it's natural way down.

Monday, August 29, 2011

ride on ...

Another lovely ride on the generous Riker

and a baby foal to watch :)

another lovely lovely day

Sunday, August 28, 2011

a lovely walk on a wild day

a local farm for sale


a woman can dream can't she?

which is NOT to say I don't love the school house and Vareharri ... I do

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rascally Wabbits ...

actually they are very good rabbits  - who enjoy their summer accommodations very much ... in hutches for safety but with time in a large run (10x20) every day

they have basically broken themselves down into 4 groups: Puff is on his own; Harry and Hermonie share one hutch; The Mrs and Teagen share a home which Niobe often chooses too; and then Dustbunny, Qtip and the feral pair hang out in the large dog run. All the JW go out together though which works well for all of us - it means more time out for every bunny!

Right now I alternate and give one of the angora groups time in the empty 8x8 chicken pen - it's great as there is lots of lush grass (plantain, dandelion, Queen Ann's lace etc) growing so a couple of hours out there saves me a lot of collecting time. They also love the dead fall apples.

The rabbits get a largely fresh diet for the summer ... squash leaves, strawberry and raspberry leaves, cattails, clover, willow, apple, alfalfa plus the above and safe herbs too- they thrive on it and it makes a nice change from pellets with dry hay I am sure - I need to really concentrate on collecting fresh to dry for them for winter soon. I ran out by Christmas last year.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

visiting with the godsons ... more pictures to come ...

Jacob is currently obsessed with trucks

Delicious William

Monday, August 15, 2011

SO SO good

Chicken dinner was spectacular -not a word I generally think of in a food context but it really was!

Rikker was also quite amazing. A giving generous soul prepared to work hard for me - poor unfit dude! Missed Nelly but it was great to hop on another horse and find the skill set required there too. Rikker is a TB draft QH (?) mix. Very cute and quite the charmer.

Also played a little with the young ones - groomed them and worked on picking up feet! Next time I'll take a hoof pick out with me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chickens - dismissed!

turned into lunch/dinner/soup
pink slipped

what ever you want to call it - today was D day for the flock.

Big T and I got up early and gently loaded the girls into the back of the truck -the truck was full of soft shavings and the girls travelled well and happily - I put the girl with mobility issues in an open topped box with bedding and she travelled easily too. We arrived and found ourselves one in a long line of cars. It was good we had a little time to wander and sort ourselves out as it gave us a sense of what was happening.  No panic, no stress just an easy rhythm to the process. Very few chickens seemed stressed (none of ours) and people chatted as we waited. It was respectful and unhurried. Everyone there expressed appreciation for the hands on nature of producing our own food - and horror at the way grocery store chicken is raised.

It was an important part of the journey of the chicken summer ~ while I'm not glad animals died I am glad I was part of the whole cycle. I took the responsibility for getting them out of the truck. Everyone picked up on my gentle vibe and handled the girls softly right til the end. I was glad to see that.  Picking the meat up tomorrow.

Dinner tonight included onions and garlic from the 20 foot diet. Yum.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back in the saddle again ...

Had a lovely ride today. Nelly was very good. We did canter transitions, and lots of bending. Katie is amazingly patient. Nelly and I are stating to click.

After I was done riding I took my camera out into the paddock three young geldings that are up for sale are in. The only pictures of them aren't great so I thought I'd play with my new to me camera.

What a bunch of curious engaged boys. They kept coming up to see what I was doing. It made capturing them both difficult and entertaining.

Here are the three of them looking very handsome.

A very funny face!

Handsome Reese.

Typical picture as I tried to get a side shot!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011