Saturday, October 25, 2008

another blog?

call it my quest to compartmentalize my life

call it my quest to record the start of another new adventure our life

call it what you will but I think 107 acres in Prince Edward County deserves a blog all it's own

I don't actually think it will simplify life much in many ways - but it's a laudable goal - dontcha think?

at the moment the "family" consists of Big T and Me .. dogs (Sally, Hank, Brody, Thea and the going nowhere fast Fitz) cats (Dumont and Kali (not long with us now I fear), Nando (at 18 also perhaps not here too long) Julia and Flopsy) rabbits (Pongo and Buddy) and the parrots (Sully, Pickles, Olive, Nestor, and the littles)
big family - maybe we do need all the land ;)

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