Thursday, December 8, 2016

here comes winter, here comes winter ....

We dug potatoes this weekend - yield was way way down as we dealt with major drought this year .. but they are tasty! We are so very grateful that as much as we enjoy  growing what we eat we don't have to depend on it to survive this winter. It would be a brutal winter without a grocery store. Sigh. Our usual hay yield is about 120 large square bales. This year we got 50 so another "fun" task for the summer was outsourcing hay. We got a hay elevator which made life much much easier!

We got water from the water station  through the summer at least weekly and often daily. Our ponds were entirely dried up which reminded us of what a precious resource water is. Our house well ran dry a few times but we mostly put our bought water ($4 for 250 gallons) into the well and were able to keep on functioning much as normal (although long showers, laundry and dish washing were all curtailed).

The barn well stayed functional all summer. I was proud of it. How silly is that? But sometimes it;s the little things that make challenges bearable.

We have installed two water posts in the paddocks closest to the barn. So far we all love them - the trick will be if they will stay functional and unfrozen over the winter. Cross your fingers.

The horses ended up having two months of the lovely fall off. Sigh So here comes winter and here comes back to work. Not the best time of year but hopefully we'll sort it out.

Big T has finished the educational milestone that brought us down here. I have no intention of leaving though. Will be interesting to see what is around the next corner. To celebrate his accomplishments Mum got him an amazing wood splitter which has already saved us hours of man labour and muscle and I had a writers cabin (we call The Tardis) to encourage him to stay close to home!

Life is good 
We are ever grateful. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Full Hearts Full Farm

We've been set up and in residence here a little longer than 2 years now

Our hearts are full of gratitude and wonder and our farm is full too.


Chickens, Dogs, Rabbit, Parrots

and horses ...

no room left at the inn but Life is so good.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

in the depths of winter here

But it's really just started so o complaints from me yet!

What a summer and fall we had.

Routines are well in place and we both still love and appreciate our life here.

The dogs love it too.

The horses, chickens and bunny all seem happy too.

We had lots of guests. Lots of Love. Life is Lovely.