Sunday, September 20, 2009

awwwwww poor baby bunny

Lukie got his ear scratched - my guess would be Bebe reached through the pen and nailed him :(
lots of blood - luckily it clotted fast so we just sat and cuddled (and worked on more mats) while I held a clean towel on it ..

poor little dude was most upset through

I was glad he hadn't had dinner yet - feeding him cheered him right up ..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday night and life is good

hectic even

but good

too many green tomatoes on the vine - too little time to fit everything in (Art Tour, Antique show, wooding, weeding, cleaning, laundry, bunny grooming, dog walking, making bread, Milford fair - all on the list !!)

but the fire is roaring and all is well

Sunday, September 13, 2009

happy birthday Mum

She doesn't like a fuss made .. never has .. I can't recall a single year anybody was brave enough to surpirse her but today is Mum's birthday. She's a rock, a friend, a leader, a counsellor, a buddy, a helper, always there for me in a way it seems few people are for others. I'm so lucky to have a few really good people in my life - and lots of special students over the years but without Mum I would be nothing - so I hope she has a very Happy Day and a very Happy Year :)

on the home front I'm still wooding, weeding, and taking care of Franklin Kaede no Go Bunny (the whole name for the funny little angora with paralysis)Also started work again 2 weeks ago - hence the paucity of posts .. new staff to train, a new group of students to break in .. oh well it keeps me out of trouble .. though I was finding a pretty happy groove in August ;)

such is life