Thursday, December 30, 2010

rabbits everywhere

The mascara kits

Mama rabbit - looks like she's turning into an angora rabbit as her fur comes back (of course- the one that needs the most work!) She has blue eyes - very pretty.

Black and white (I love the right ear) and white and black ...

Everybunny lounging on Mom

Hoping for some colour help

Mom's coat when I blow in it ... more grey than brown in real colour

The "brown" popples

Brown isn't a rabbit colour ...

This pair looks brown and white to me

Thanks for any feedback

the view from my seat

Well the view when I hitch a ride on the ATV anyhow- Sally is ALWAYS in front. Sampson nicely tucks himself in behind the trailer and trots along. Sp typical of them. We (and by we I really mean Big T today) wooded and went for a lovely walk to the back of the property. We really do have lake view property it seems.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Slip sliding away ...

both literally and figuratively..

I blink and another day of holidays is gone

We walk at the farm and all of us *- even staid Brody- enjoy charging across the pond's ice surface!

* well nearly all of us ~Thea and Kizmet don't slide - they curl up by the fire and wait for meals and cuddles

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Happiness

We've been on holidays last week and this week.

Lovely lovely treat to be down here together for this long.

It's been pretty peaceful generally speaking

Dad and his wife came for Christmas Eve, Big T's mom arrived Sunday for 3 nights. All easy guests relatively.

We have a number of rabbits here - Puff needed grooming desperately (he still needs to be finished) and a new Angora has joined us from a shelter with 8 little ones -too small to leave with a pet sitter for 2 weeks. The dog contingent has been supplemented with one small spaniel puppy we are fostering as well. Busy times. As usual I wonder how I manage when I have a day job too!