Saturday, June 27, 2015

nearly three months have flown by ...

and all the lovely promise of spring is turning into the delights of summer ...

happens every day but especially on a sunny warm day after a rain - you can see in the afternoon the actual real growth of the green.

the  pond remediation went well last fall ...lots of fun for the dogs every day - and the frogs seem grateful too

we are nearly all here now - and it's lovely

long walks with the dogs, lots of lovely rides

this springs projects included barn water and electricity and some fencing - we are so very lucky to be able to do these things

next, and likely last for a long long time is a little all weather surface for light riding,  the grass works well usually but in the real wet of spring and fall I don't want to tear up the hay fields or the agility field

busy is good
life is good

Saturday, April 11, 2015

What a winter ...

We pretty much hunkered down and "got her done". Mr Deere made life much more possible than it would otherwise have been.

No power or water in the barn meant lots of hot water bucket lugging. No heater that would work in the outdoor trough meant even more buckets of water.  Got good and fit!

The winter was long and cold but way less miserable than last winter. If I had to pick I'd pick this one but I'd be happy to have a non winter too.

Hopefully this will be the only winter of buckets we endure!

We moved the chickens and bunny into the barn. Smart smart move but i am looking forward to moving Mr Randy Roo back out. He's gotten a bit, um, cocky, in the small winter run. I end up spending lots of time with a rooster tucked under my arm as i do chores to avoid my boots being battered. He hates rubber boots but with the mud around here he's having to acclimate!