Saturday, November 27, 2010

the season of wood

is upon us again ...
the wood pile dimenishes is restocked and dimenishes again

The big dogs love wooding - they explore the woods and race back whenever the saw stops.
Brody isn't as big a fan - he tends to sit in the vehicle while the saw buzzes. He enjoys the walking elements and riding on the atv though.

If it's below 5 degrees out Thea stays home to watch the fire!!

Unrelated note - the green onions continue to flourish in the garden despite snow and frost!!


Power2Jesse said...

You are so lucky! We miss PEC! After 3 years of 5 weeks in the country we are hooked - hope to return this summer. We had a backyard fire on one of the last nice days before we had snow.
I'm enjoying our gas fire now - in the basement of the house - us city slickers, hardly know what we are missing.
Hope to visit when we return.
Blessings Norma Anne & Jesse

Heidi D said...

GEEZ that's cold! It got down to 6 degrees here and I about died.

Glad to know those onions aren't gonna let cold weather get them down.