Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thanks ....

Vareharri blog's first award ever ... from Lisa Lynn over at Little Homestead

1. Favorite color: tougher than it should be - dark green or blue probably
2. Favorite animal: truly impossible- dogs, cats, horses- I'm an all species gal tho!
3. Favorite number: something elegant about 7 when written with the extra line
4. Favorite drink: Diet Coke 
5. Facebook or Twitter: facebook tho I'm using twitter more lately 
6. Good Book or a Good Movie: book
7. My Passion: agility - with a side dose of gardening and teaching 
8. Giving or getting presents: giving when it's the perfect thing!
9. Favorite day of the year: wow - what a question any lovely spring or fall day when i can be outside 
10. Favorite flowers: black eyed Susans, purple coneheads, hyacinths, hydrangas ...come to mind fastest

10 Blogs that bring me sunshine .. and sometimes sadness but that's ok too 

1. Sara's Blog - mostly her dogs
2. Project Jessie - the rescue we foster with 
3. The Other End of the Leash a neat look at animal behaviour and her own little farm
4. Maggie's Farm -one of the first blogs I found ...  
5. A Northern Life - a neat story unfolds every time I visit
6. Tamarra's Travel Adventures - she's about to depart for a year usually very entertaining things happen on her journeys! 
7. Mutts and a Klutz- dog adventures again ...with many cool other blogs listed ... this blog opened me up to many blogs -in fact I think I got a blogspot id thanks to one of her original blogs!
8. Fibre on the hop - local rabbit, fibre, wool blog - keeps me inspired!
9. The dogs really are in charge - another dog blog  - from someone who works with service dogs
10. Can't pick one of them -2 more mostly dogs blogs kept by wonderful people I actually know!  Helen's Homeworld  and The Furry Piano Keys 

there - that was fun ... many other blogs bring me sunshine  - beehaven, word from willow garden, milk and honey, farming in the shade ... but the ones above are this mornings picks... enjoy  - and if you won (or didn't but want to play anyhow) feel free to play along!

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