Sunday, November 18, 2012

Garden Wrap Up

It was a crazy summer between filming Saving Dinah and then getting ready for the move down here. The weather was beautiful but so so dry. All in all despite the challenges some things did very well.

Garlic . this place should be called Garlic Mound!
Used more rhubarb than ever before
Asparagus was awesome
Peas were positively perfect
Lettuce - loving still using our own lettuce- always so great to figure something out!!
Corn - best year yet - rabbits, chickens and we all enjoyed it!

Herbs came and went - when they were on they were great - the rest of the time not so much!
Potatoes -there were fewer out then put in - pretty sure that was a water issue
Onions - were small but I actually felt like I might begetting a clue with them
Raspberries - pretty sure this is the first year I've had less than a handful from our garden -probably should trim them all back and start from scratch - not sure I can bear to do that though!

Didn't plant

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