Sunday, February 22, 2009

let sleeping dogs lie?

Dear Hank - after how long of leaping up every time I touched my camera or phone finally had to give in and try the bed. It must have been comfy as he actually slept through the photo shoot! Then he stretched out - right across both beds ... too cute. Apparently chewing the stick (see crumbs on bed) was much harder work than he anticipated!

The Queen of catching a nap - curled up on her coat here and wearing her tee shirt .. and I don't dress dogs I swear to it ... but Thea is currently wearing a tee when the weather is below zero - she didn't get much chance to grow a coat this fall and shivers wildly when nude!

Sally sleeping in the chihuahua bed :)

Dozing ... usually as restful as she gets

Brody sleeping in the bed he kicked Sally out of ...

I guess I'll let them lie with it being Sunday and all ... Lord knows I could sleep a month if I could turn my brain off for a bit...lucky dogs

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Terri said...

They look cozy! I wouldn't disturb them, either!