Thursday, February 19, 2009

not typical farm dogs ;)

Brody in one of my favourite pictures of him. This picture just makes me grin plain and simple. I don't know if we won any titles with the run; heck I don't know if we even got the "q" but we had a great run and thats what life with my dogs is all about for me!

Thea loves to jump and loves to please people. A real charmer she has friends everywhere she goes!

Brody and Thea don't fit the most traditional farm dog descriptors though they do a great job alarm barking when needed and keeping me company in the garden without trompling the plants!

I always defined myself as a big dog person ... after Brody joined us I can't imagine not having a mixed crew!


Terri said...

We have a mixed crew, and like you, I can't imagine anything else. And, like you, I was always a big dog person - some of these little dogs are big dogs in a small package!

Beverly said...

Andrea, your pups are adorable. I am not sure what a typical farm dog is. I am pretty sure that mine are not....and I come to this conclusion by the amount of dirt and burrs that I am constantly pulling our of their coats. They, on the otherhand, could not be happier anywhere else on earth. And it's funny, I don't think dogs have any idea what size they are. My Maddie would prove that theory...she thinks she is quite petite! LOL!!