Saturday, February 21, 2009

More typical farm dogs maybe...

hmm blogger doesn't want to cooperate... but we live with two more typical farm dogs too
Sally (pictured above) is a dog and a half, a never ending motion machine and a great source of joy. She came as a palliative foster case but simply refused to die. She has been healing and getting healthy and it's hard to imagine life without her. She drives me MAD at times ... she is intense, compulsive even and if I don't structure her life she tries to structure ours (um the border collie in her I'd have to say) but we love her to bits!
Hank is a Great Dane German Shepard mix - a working dog to the max he lives to please us. A little neurotic and very reactive on leash to strange dogs he is a beautiful dog with a heart of gold. There is NOTHING he won't do for you if he understands what you want though.

They are a fabulous pair to walk and play with - they also like to help me garden but tend to get playing through the little seedlings (then there is trouble - which Sally laughs off and Hank is devastated by!)


Terri said...

Great post - made me give my dogs a hug! :)

Peggy said...

Welcome to Farm Diva's! Enjoyed reading your posts.