Friday, May 15, 2009

a long weekend approaches

and I've been remiss posting - blew the monitor on saturday morning when a storm tore through here - lucky not to get more damage I guess

we finished putting up the shed (just door hardware, shingling and painting left)

I planted potatoes, beets, carrots

cut the grass

we walked the dogs, put stones in the driveway and generally pretended it was nice out (it was freezing and rainy but we didn't let it stop it)

it's supposed to be a bit grim this weekend too - but we'll have fun anyhow - I hope I can get the transplants in - they need more room then the peat and they have been hardening off ok (I think) I have an agility trial on Sunday - YEAH! Big T 's parents are coming down - usually thats fun but there is family politics lurking around his large family so I hope all is smooth!

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Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

So, how did your weekend go? Mine was quite eventful. :)