Monday, May 11, 2009

spring forward

wow - the amount of work is phenomenal in spring when you have 107 acres! the seedlings are getting leggy enough it had better warm up ..SOON .. they are hardening off but I have my doubts about the great planting - but I'd better get them in this weekend I think. The ground cherries crashed over the weekend a bit and so did a few peppers.. the tomatoes still look pretty good and the onions seem stronger than the leeks - we'll see what happens when they hit real soil ... preparing beds is hard work - especially as the house garden was so neglected last year - turn, weed, turn in compost, de-rock and turn again.. then rest an aching back (garden has onions, beets, carrots, garlic and potatoes planted already - lots more to go in)
here is the back wall up
building sheds is hard work but, it's done, apart from a little trim work and painting .. the Buck is in the shed safe and sound
I need to repaint the muskoka chairs, rehang the mailbox and much much more - and that isn't even considering the flower beds !

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