Sunday, November 30, 2008

a gal and a truck

in 2005 we needed a new car- the van was dying (a million miles on her but the body was the BIG problem) and I thought we'd go with another van. Somehow Big T convinced me to look at trucks instead and we ended up with a Ford Ranger. We got the one truck in Ontario that had NO Bells and Whistles at all. She's standard, the windows roll up by hand, there is no air conditioning - NADA. Big T was going to drive it sometimes - then he realized it didn't fit into the cheapo parking he found for himself so somehow what I thought was his mid life crisis (a little early) became my primary means of transport.
Most of the time I LOVE her. She's blue and driving standard has never bothered me. Air conditioning would be nice about twice a year. Now that we have Vareharri it is so PRACTICAL. Loads of wood, straw whatever already get tossed in the back - a quick sweep and we are back in business. (Apart from in really cold weather it's also a great car to set up at agility trials). She's solid, she's safe, she's not so huge I can't park her...
YAY for Big T 's miserly ways! Or maybe he was seeing into our future?

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Andrea said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Nice to see another Canadian around here! I have popped into your agility blog a couple times...we are dabblers, Sophie and I. It's nice to have connected. :)