Saturday, March 28, 2009

a hard day's work

Brody had the difficult job of supervising the rest of us ... you can see how he suffered.

We walked the dogs down the road, turned garden beds, continued Project Demolition, cut up a tree that had fallen into one of the good hay fields, loaded crappy hay into the truck for the garden paths, had a lovely picnic listening to the early frogs by the pond, went out for dinner with Mum.

I'm not sure I've ever seen dogs as tired as this gang is tonight. Think we will all sleep very well!

Any great ideas for what to do with the old sections of tin roof we are accumulating? I want to make something - but what on earth could I make with old rusted tin?


Terri said...

No ideas for the tin - is it possible to recycle it or do they even do that with tin? Maybe a scrap dealer could tell you.

andrea said...

dgood idea :) I'll call around