Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer winding on ...

and a lovely summer it's been too

Balance in a garden seems so hard to attain .. last year the tomatoes were pretty much a write off but the potatoes were great - this year the pendulum has swung - more tomatoes than I can cope with and I fear for the potatoes. Zuchinni are doing their thing taking over the world. Peppers are doing better than before and I've finally managed to grow some sunflowers for Big T. I think I have a pumpkin and a watermelon but the honey dew melon hasn't produced any fruit. I have two squash type vines that I don't even know what they should be let alone are.
The beans were good- pretty much done now. Basil fine; fennel got overwhelmed between zuchini and sunflowers. Garlic was as great as ever and onions did better than they ever have - I could plant 60 next year though!

Working the dogs (well we think it's playing but it is all training) is amazing. Rabbits need more grooming (and half need homes) but are looking good. Cats and parrots seem content.

The Buckeye chickens are thriving but not laying well. Frustrating as they are NICE chooks. We get 2-3 eggs a week which is enough for french toast and the odd boiled egg in salad but not enough to give anybody. I wish they could stay longer I'd like to know if they'll start laying better as I'm enchanted with their temperments.

Wooding, our never ending fall job, has been happening all summer - Big T took down a big old dead maple which has put us ahead of ourselves I hope. If we could get a full year ahead I'd be delighted!

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