Saturday, September 25, 2010

breezy blowy transition to fall

What a weather year! Wet spring, perfect July, dry August (all three seasons with bouts of HEAT waves) and a September that just can't make up her mind. Hot, cold, sunny cloudy, humid, dry - we are getting it all.

We keep puttering away at weeding, wooding and getting things ship shape.
Will plant garlic in 2 weeks. Only one bed of potatoes left to dig up. Hopefully a few carrots too but they are TRULY tiny this year. Some herbs to dry for the bunnies - and hopefully a little more hay to make for them too. But there is a real sense of things winding down, down, down. Picked our last pumpkin on the vine last night.

Cleaned out the cars, scrubbed the bathroom. Big T made bread. It really must be fall.

Wanted to do a last trim of the grass but our new to us borrowed to perhaps purchase mower won't start. Not a good sign but I have never been able to start it so I had concerns about buying it anyhow.

Open Farms was last weekend - really interesting and informative. We went to a honey place (they might put a hive on the farm next year- cross your fingers for us), a huge organic veggie farm (more money than sense but BEAUTIFUL), and a local meat and maple syrup producer - all were helpful and genuinely pleased to answer questions. What a great idea.

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