Saturday, October 23, 2010

House Guests .. wooding.. walking.. planting

We have two house guests short term ... 2 African Pygmy Hedgehogs have moved on to the front porch - they are fascinating creatures - make the neatest noise when they want you to leave them alone .. but they have settled in fairly happily and are eating and drinking fine.

Big T and I worked outside for the morning - got all my little useless wood pile cut - and moved in to the house for this autumnal burning. Big T moved all his fence post wood so there will be a place to park the trailer for the winter that means we can get it out easily for our March driving adventure.
Then we headed up to the highway to our meeting spot for the hedgehogs - and hooked up with a generous donor who wanted the rescue I volunteer for to have a NICE crate too .. visited Chapters too. Got an interesting looking book called The Daily Coyote. Will report more when it's read.
Got back from driving and dragged Mum and Wilkie out for a walk. Good sports both of them! Wilkie had a tick on her - BLECH! Then back to the school house where I planted 20 daffodil and tulip bulbs. Hope the squirrels leave them alone! Twice as many left to be planted - a birthday present from Dad and Jean. Lucky us - we'll have them to enjoy for a LONG time - and should get more every year!
Spaghetti with OUR own sauce. Delish! Totally delish. Makes all the work and worry so worth it.
Big T made a fabulous loaf of his bread too. How lucky can I be?

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Fred said...

Hedgehogs? Seriously? I was thinking I've really got to move out to PEC. Then I saw "ticks" and now it's "Hmm?". Are they bad out there?

We had our dogs out there in the fall and didn't notice anything attaching themselves to them.

Ticks give me the heebee jeebees.