Monday, July 18, 2011

too much excitement for me

A lovely lazy day til the excitement started .. actually we were woken up by a thunderstorm but everybody was still snug in bed so it was no big deal

Lazy time watching things dry and the sun come out - cleaned out the front cupboard which was in desperate need - apparently plastic bags were having a party in there!

I left to go .... wait for it.... RIDING at Fox Field Farm... for a lesson with Katie Buxton. It was awesome. It had been a very very long time since I had been on a horse with any serious intention at all. I suspect 18 years or so. I rode a lovely TB mare - Nellie - who had a very Beau like head (Beau was my first horse). She was a sweetie - she wanted to offer a LOT more contact than I wanted to take though .. I was feeling hunter/pleasure and Katie wanted to see the mare warming up and bending ... we did a nice leg yield - amazed I automatically just did it and some how was never on the wrong diagonal without thinking about that either ...then ...I overheated ... which was fine by me - I suspect I had enough thinking and riding for one day ...

As I left the farm a massive storm blew up ...driving home wasn't fun - 2 Huge trees were down - which actually meant the highway was closed but I knew everything would be safe a secure at the schoolhouse. HA! The chicks pen had blown apart a bit - a huge sheet of plywood was on the other side of the road. The swing was upside down on the lawn. The bunny pen and hutches were a disaster (we might end up with some surprises in 30 days to remind me of the day the rabbits "played" together!) The laying hens were soaked and their feed shed was flipped face down - not a hope I could move that but I managed to right everything else.

What a day!!

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