Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horsing around ...

Rode for the second time this summer yesterday. Amazing. Awesome. So. Much. Fun.

I rode for a lot of years. Pony Club (up through B levels eventually); hunter stuff; Prince Phillip Games; schooling shows; Trillium shows; eventing; running a trail riding string for a resort; riding other people's horses; breaking in young horses; managing a barn for a year between high school and university. Running a riding camp for the YMCA.

I drove, rode English, Western and spent a LOT of hours absorbing the world of the horse. My dad engaged my interest in history through horses. I can still tell you about Traveller and General Lee; Marengo and Napoleon; Buchephalus and Alexander The Great. (Smart trick on my dad's part!)

I have had horses of my own but the time came when there were too many other ways to spend both the money and the time. My best riding friend ever left to move to England and it just wasn't the same. I walked away from equipment I had worked hard to get (including two lovely Steuben saddles) but I really didn't think there was any in between with me. I have one bridle and a martingale still and they bring back memories every time I trip across them. So it was with some trepidation I called a local stable to see if they had a lesson spot for me.

Nelly - not with me though :)
They did. Off I went to check them out .. the mare I rode last week and this is a lovely bay TB some what like my first horse Beau. Last week was HOT and I wore myself out quickly. This week I was pretty determined to really ride. The instructor Katie is great - so positive and friendly. Nellie went beautifully this week. She's stiff as a board to start - and short but once she engages her hind end she floats along in a lovely trot. Like many TB her walk needs serious work. Her canter isn't pleasant either actually but we worked through and got a  couple of  really nice transitions. We also worked on leg yields, turns on the forehand and extending stride. It was quite funny, I could not post on the wrong diagonal to save my life.

Big T has mentioned before that he'd like horses in our life. I have been a little slow to embrace this idea. I am getting to a point now where I can not only imagine horses in our life but be excited about it. Oh dear.

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