Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think I whine about the heat every summer but today is INSANE ... it's 88 degrees inside the house and Big T just called  to tell me it's 39 degrees on the road- that's got to be 100 in F?
Funny eh? I am a convert kid - they changed measuring systems when I had just started school - so I sort of know both - in hot weather I think in F, in cold C .. weights are in pounds  and distance is in km. Our thermometers cover both - so it depends on what you are looking at how you'll report a temperature in this household.

It's crazy! This perfectly built house is a haven of cool - the windows are angled to maximize heat in winter and cool in summer. Usually just adjusting the shades keeps it 10 degrees or so cooler in the house. NOT now. It's boiling. Hot rabbits, chickens, chicks and dogs all agree. The parrots think it's the best day EVER mind you.

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