Sunday, January 3, 2010

Highway of Heros ...

Canada has a specific stretch of highway that all fallen soldiers travel. Because of Afganistan more soldiers than in the past have returned home, in hearses, and been driven along this highway.

It's a pretty emotional drive even when you don't know the specific soldiers. Today 4 soldiers and 1 journalist were coming home for the last time. I was an emotional wreck until I realized I could share the patriotism of Canadians with my blog.

Yup these are all different bridges along our route today. In all different areas. With all different people. Young, old, and everything in between. Lots of emergency services folsk join the vigil when they can.

The bridges along the stretch of highway are in populated areas- unpopulated areas and every thing in between. Today the entire highway (bridges anyhow) was full of people. Forgive the lousy pictures - but phone camera + moving car = blurry pictures.

I have had a few people close to me over in Afganistan and Iraq. Luckily for me I have never had to do this drive as part of the entourage with the bodies.

This was a bridge in a totally desolate area - I have no idea where the people on it came from; but that's an ambulance you see up there too!

This started as a totally grass roots show of patriotism and respect. Organized by no one special it took the governement quite awhile to rename this piece of highway "Highway of Heros" but they did eventually. We have travelled this road ahead of the convoy a few times now - including one of the first trips before we had any clue what this was about. Even then I loved seeing the flags. It was easy to tell it was something special even then.

I have always been proud to be Canadian. I love the grassroots, Canadian nature of this movement. Thank you folks along the 401.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful series of photos.. god bless all our fallen

JudiB said...

I totally is such an emotional sight to see. Touches your heart everytime we hear another soldier has died. What the wounded also deal with is another battle at home many face.
We need to keep them all in our prayers.

Crystal said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for posting it. We in the US forget about Canada, we don't mean to. Sorry. I just got my solider back from 400 days in Iraq. My thoughts will stray up North as I add your soliders in our prayers.

Heidi D said...

That is just so awesome! I just don't know what the U.S. would do without our wonderful sister country.

I'm a little bit Canadian you know. My ancestors are from Saskatchewan, by way of Denmark.

So, Canadian Vikings. :))