Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Planted another 80 cloves of garlic yesterday bringing this fall's total to 170 ...which I think should be a fine harvest for next year - I was able to only plant the biggest best heads this year so I'm excited for next year already! We have plenty of decent garlic left for winter too. Big T tilled the second bed for me which made planting a snap.

garlic bed one - the rail is down to mark the Korean and Schoolhouse garlic divide

All Schoolhouse garlic in the back bed this year

Dinner last night was delicious ... local chicken breasts baked and then finished with a little tomato sauce and Swiss cheese with our own squash and baked potatoes - YUM!

After I did the planting and before I started dinner I was bored but not breathing super well so I pulled up a YouTube video on casting on (a piece of knitting I couldn't recall ever doing). YouTube is awesome. I did a long tail cast on and started knitting and purling. Too much fun! Too smart given that I'd like to work on sustainable farming in the most humane, least animal destructive way ~which fibre does!  We'll see what the final product looks like, then I'll have to try more complex things - but a perfect winter thing to learn!

This is the site I used for the knitting help Very helpful!

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