Saturday, February 18, 2012

knit knit knit purl

I think I may have mentioned I decided I'd better learn how to knit again ... I had knit a bit as a kid but had never cast on myself so I turned to the internet and  found a great little site to help me with my knitting questions. has other great videos too. And a discussion board. I haven't used anything but the casting on and off videos though.

I started knitting an acrylic work scarf for Big T. It's really long and really wide and was a huge project to start with. It's practical and will keep him toasty warm when he's working at the farm.  Then more or less together I knit a funky scarf for each of my  J's girl cousins and started a scarf for my Mum. Mum's scarf was the most ambitious project to date  as it was a pattern (which I played with throughout) and quite long. The cousin's scarves were in a neat chunky wool which I really like and will play with more.

I've got one more scarf on needles - a more formal dressier scarf for Big T. It's a basket weave pattern and I'm enjoying watching it come together. I need to find something else to knit or somebody else who wants a scarf for my next project. Knitting is helping me focus in meetings and I'm very content knitting while I'm a passenger - in fact it makes me feel like I'm doing something productive too.

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