Monday, February 20, 2012

that planning time of year

walked the garden a few times this weekend trying to make sure the paper will work in the real garden ... started with no snow at all - as illustrated when I checked the garlic Friday (looking well protected still so cross your fingers!)

Potato patches will be corn this year; corn has garlic in it already, flipping tomatoes over the garlic and pea spot from last year ... moving the peas and beans into the peppers and tomato spots ... potatoes can go into two rough beds that haven't been super successful  lately (we'll compost them well). Onions will go somewhere ... and hopefully I'll find room to try carrots again too - no idea why carrots won't grow for me

Now we have snow. No idea how long it will last but glad to see it for a little bit at least! Squash will stay in the squash bed - with plenty of compost I think they'll be OK another year there - and it's just so nice to have them OUT of the main garden. We plan to train them up a frame this year too and see how that works.

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