Friday, February 17, 2012

The Prince Edward County Construction Association Awards ..

Their annual dinner was last night.

Mum admiring the award

We were invited as Mum (and the folks who pulled her project together) won an award. One of only 4 awards given out. Amazing.
I'm so proud of her I could bust! I ate so much last night I could bust!

The top of the plaque - I wonder where Mum will put it?

Her house is a vision of beauty. The careful restoration has taken years. Mum and her crew (headed by the most amazing Neil Thomson) took small windows out and replaced them with beautiful french doors. They took little rooms and made them open inviting living spaces. They put in two fireplaces of great beauty. They are currently working on a bathroom. They did an amazing kitchen. The award was so well earned.

The photo shoot! 

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