Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The thing about a new build

is you have to decide absolutely everything!

Our farmhouse is being built in the middle of a big field  so the first decision was where in the field would it go - we thought we knew - then we second guessed ourselves a bit - then got input from builder. It's very close to the original plan.

Then every little detail - siding, flooring, window, colours  I expected - but trim for doors and windows? handles on doors? types of doors? baseboard look? stairs? railings? Wow.  What an education.

The house is starting to look complete - just a few more choices for it and we'll be starting to move in ...  so on to outside choices

Getting dog yard fenced - where? With what?
Garden? (any regular reader of this blog will know food garden will be first priority)
Where will  the rabbits go? The Chickens?

Barn? Garage? What do we need today, tomorrow, in 10 years?

so much thinking - so much joy

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