Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's chilly out ...

and our fire is ROARING and working hard to heat our place...

and we are finally getting the hang of the firewooding thing here ...

today we filled the back of the truck in less than an hour with dead fall from our woodlot - just awesome work - Big T runs his snazzy saw and chops wood into lengths that lend themselves well to being either once or twice back in the driveway - I haul it to the truck and load it - and the dogs run around having a great time

and here is out chainsaw (pretty much - not the actual saw you'll understand I'm sure)

it really is cool to get the teamwork thing down and have all the equipment cooperate too!

the pond is lightly frozen - we should able to slide on it by next weekend unless the weather warms up (gosh I hope so - I could really use a half day in the garden again!)

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George Africa said...

Hi Andrea

Glad to find Vareharri Farm and learn of your progress. The chain saw you picked is a good brand which I have used for years. I also use Jonsereds which are very dependable.

You do not mention if you wear protective gear or not. I never did until about 8 years ago when I bought a new saw and for $50 you got chaps, a helmet, gloves, etc. Now I refuse to pull the cord without everything in place. Safety counts!

I have next year's wood about split. It's best never to have wood stacked for more than 2.5 years before use because it dehydrates too much and BTU production drops.

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
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