Friday, March 20, 2009

Bunny No No

is here now

YUP you heard me right our first livestock moved in today (forgive the bad picture - he wanted ON MY LAP!)

a three year old angora rabbit - who is a LIVING doll - within seconds of meeting me he happily let me pick him up and snuggled in for a good cuddle
when we got home he sat in my lap and let me gently tweak some of his matts (only a few and right behind his ears) out

His registered name is RM Bucky Boy and he has papers and everything but he is Bunny No No to us and will be forever as we swore up and down after dear Pongo died we wouldn't have any more bunnies - of course after she died I missed her gentle nature way too much to not have a bunny around - and our move to self sustance made me really think about breeds. When Bunny No No needed a great pet/wooller home things just fell into place :)


Terri said...

He is so cute! :) Are you going to do anything with his fur? You brush them regularly to get it, right?

andrea said...

three times a year I will pluck or shear him - I will also get little bits from grooming him (combing, brushing and BLOWDRYING (HAHA) him) that can make a great felt I think

my intention is to do something with his wool but I don't have a complete vision quite yet ;)