Wednesday, July 1, 2009

chook chook chook... hop hop hop

well the chickens (Buffy and Jodi now) are in the coop - made from TOTALLY recycled materials from the barn we have to tear down ... and an old counter top's a bit rustic you might kindly call it but the girls like it
they have been out in the day pen the last 2 days - I'm too nervous to totally free range them quite yet (dogs, cars, hawks, etc) but they are loving the very rustic run .. with the bird netting over the top as I am pretty sure at least one of them can fly...
I had to pick Buffy up to put her into the coop last night - they were determined to party all night long ... was easier than I thought to scoop her up - and she settled right down as soon as I had her too.

Bunnies are settling in too - the tiny dwarf hasn't had her babies yet so maybe she won't now - she sure was nesting though..
the satin angora needs some serious grooming and dematting but is starting to trust me so I'm not going to rush her
I'm thinking Lola and Bebe might bond and be happy (Bebe is Pongo's partner but he is one fiesty bunny finding him a new buddy since Pongo died has proved impossible) I have them in seperate hutches in the dog run for now - will take turns letting them out in the run during the day then eventually let them out together .. fingers crossed they agree to cohabit as I hate having Bebe without a friend as he really is semi feral.

Veggies keep growing, as do weeds.. I got into the garden for half an hour today and made a difference though- bugs are starting to go after potatoes ... figures eh?

We also went for a LONG walk (this is supposed to be holidays after all - and all we've done is work). It was truly lovely - we've not had a chance to appreciate the land at this time of yeqr before. We found masses of wild strawberries - absolutely TINY but so so so so sweet.

Off for dinner with Big T 's folks today - it's his mother's birthday!

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