Monday, July 20, 2009

what a lovely day

This big garter snake is enjoying the heat from the compost pile - she is shy and hid her head but you could SEE her absorbing the heat - quite neat - made me glad I don't have baby chicks or rabbits outside though ;)
Summer has been hard to find this year so far - my farmers tan is marked at my elbows at the best as I generally wear long sleeves then push them up for an hour or two in the garden
my legs are still pasty white under my jeans but today there is a hint of summer

I'm sitting outside the library at our local hamlet on my laptop with the wireless connection restoring my sanity (apparently I AM addicted to the net and 5 days induces withdrawal that hurts!) but have had a lovely day - mixed up chores, a quick trip to town to take fresh greens to the guinea pig babies I have up for adoption, eating fresh peas and blackberries, watching bunnies and chickens and dogs enjoy the nice day .. and of course, weeding... but I feel like I'm getting somewhere weeding so even that was fun today - the garden is starting to ripen though I have my doubts about some crops.

Trying to knock off a painting or two as well - supposed to be in an art show this weekend - but can't find the pre-move work .. may not have enough to show up ... we'll see

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Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I need to be like the snake. Basking in the warm light of summer. Maybe tomorrow.