Monday, July 13, 2009

rabbits rabbits everywhere

between the animal control strike, hoarders in Meaford and a hoarder in Montreal I have TOO many small animals I didn't ask for ;) hopefully temporary, generally pretty sweet and so far no one has actually produced litters... may that continue guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits are the current crew ... I'm showing some bad rabbit pictures in the hopes somebody will know breeds ... I hope ...

Saffron is way way cuter than this bad picture .. she's tiny - not two pounds I bet and has dark brown eyes... and she's FRIENDLY .. holey smokes Big T has NEVER said he liked a rabbit before - he likes this one enough to name her and Niobe too :)

Niobe (Ethiopian godness of night) is dark black - tiny earred and maybe 4 -5 pounds tops.. is she a Jersy Wooly??

Lola - the biggest and witchiest rabbit going .. she is cute though .. she's probably 6 pounds or more ... she came named so I hope that means when the strike is over staff will want her back ;)

I'm sitting in front of the closed local library typing to get access to the wireless connection as I'm without Internet at home when Big T takes his work computer to work ... such is a life of leisure I get for the next couple of weeks - weeding, feeding, collecting eggs and just generally having some me time - lucky lucky me :)


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I love rabbits. We always spend extra time looking at them during the county fair. :)

p.s. I'm sorry that one of my readers made an ignorant comment about Canadians. We of course do not agree with her. She lives in a very small right wing bubble that just might burst someday. I hope you can overlook it and still be my blog buddy. :)

I do after all, have ancestors from Saskatchewan.

andrea said...

OF course I know it wasn't you making the comment !! Generalizations like that drive me batty no matter who they are about :)

Annette said...

1. ND probably
2. have no clue. could be Jersey, could be fuzzie Lionhead,...
3. looks mini lop in build and demeanor of sitting.