Thursday, August 27, 2009

a few more funny bunnies :)

the very adorable Lukie - aka Luke Shywalker ! He's just a baby - 3 months old or so .. and so BIG EYED and curious about everything

Kaede - a dear soul who is sadly Bunny No Go - hurt, probably in transport, I'm hoping he makes a full and speedy recovery - he isn't moving very well at all right now though - so I'm on heavy nursing duty right now - immobilizing and force feeding a very sweet gentleman (who pretty much shares my birthdate - if not year!)

Ella Bella - a sweet and giant beauty - isn't she LOVELY? She's called a broken tort for those who might want to know ;) Lukie is a lilac - or as one of my friends said - the colour of clouds just before the sun breaks through. Bunny No Go is a lynx - and very handsome.

I am amazed I'm excited about more rabbits :) but there you go I am .. hopping for joy even ;)

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Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Very handsome! Can you enter them in a county fair? I bet they'd win a prize. :)