Friday, August 7, 2009

gardening and wooding on the same day

and I ache :)
a healthy ache but a full day of weeding, and wooding after a night of little sleep camping out under the full moon and it serves me right

the wood was junk - pine and ceder but it had fallen onto Dad's neighbours yard so it needed to be cleared - might as well cut it up for the woodstove - dragging it out of the grape vines was back breaking work - the vines were as thick as my arm

the tomatoes may never ripen if we don't get some heat - we have lovely GREEN tomatoes hanging but thats it

peas were ok - lettuce is still chugging along
I must start pulling onions and drying them
carrots are tiny (MUST thin better next time) but tasty
a few ground cherries look like they'll make it - I can't wait

still getting the blackberries though less and less

garlic is truly impressive (and weedy - I've been ignoring that bed lately)
it really does feel like summer is winding down but we are only one week into August!

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