Sunday, August 30, 2009

wooding, weeding, and force feeding ...

Wooding, weeding and force feeding were the story of this weekend (well and yelling at dogs to GET OUT of the tomatoes)

Big T felled a BIG tree we can work on over the next couple of weekends. He also split a bunch of the pine from dad's place.

I've pulled up a ZILLION BIG UGLY weeds from the garden - but a trazillion more wait for my hearty yanks...

Bunny No Go is still not great - still paralysed and not really doing his thing ... worried that he may not be emptying his bladder entirely - I hate expressing bladders - always worry I'll rupture them but glad I thought of it - yup I'm now expressing his bladder

Trying to decide if an x-ray will be useful or if wait and see might get results still - thinking it's x-ray time though :(

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